Places that You can Visit as You Go Fly Fishing

If you are spending your Amsterdam sightseeing holiday and would like to try fly fishing and tying, it will be practical and good to do it with us. As we will accompany and guide you in doing this fun activity to the different popular rivers and canals in the city. Some of the rivers would be in Amstel, North Sea canal and  Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.


It is where the city took its name. Along this river preserved some national heritage sites. It is also surrounded by bike lanes where you can stroll along with the city and take a look also on de Magere Brug, a picturesque bridge and romantic spot in the area perfect for a free dating app photo op. Fly fishing along this river will not only satisfy your angling craving but also satisfy your eyes on the different sceneries you may see.

North Sea Canal

A man-made channel from Amsterdam to the North Sea. Its waterways and canals were primarily used for water supply, crop irrigation or drainage – aside from the famous Amsterdam sightseeing canal cruise tours. Fly fishing along this canal will give one an increased probability of catching more fish as this canal is wide.

Amsterdam-Rhine canal

This is the busiest and heavily used canal in western Europe. This rivers’ rich history plays a vital role in today’s industrial transport in the world. Fly fishing on this canal will also be fun as you may also catch lots of fishes.

If you are thinking of what to do in Amsterdam, fly fishing along these rivers will be worth it as you will not just be able to experience fly fishing and tying but you will also get to experience some of the historic areas in Amsterdam. Just be sure also to have your Amsterdam card and Amsterdam city pass for you to have hassle-free access to different areas of Amsterdam.

Our staffs grew with the city’s rich history, are always mindful to give a worth it travels to our guests. Aside from being experts on their craft of fly fishing and tying, are also reliable and credible in sharing and guiding you in introducing the city’s wide array of sceneries and destinations, including these well-known rivers and canals in Amsterdam.