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Skmuskar.sk is an internet magazine dedicated to fly fishing and tying. We aimed to provide the best fly fishing experience by accompanying it with a relaxing and peaceful getaway one could have. Fly fishing and tying with the best and serene rivers will be one memorable experience on your holiday.

Skmuskar aims to guide you also of the best fly fishing ideas and tying techniques for you to get the most out of your fly fishing experience, with our experienced and expert staffs who will be patient in teaching and guiding you on different fishing techniques. We also aim to provide a memorable trip, especially if you are on your Amsterdam holiday, and looking for cheap Amsterdam hotels, by offering some of our cheap rooms without sacrificing the quality of our amenities and service. Our location is also perfect as you will see Amsterdam’s top sightseeing and accessible for Amsterdam guided bike tour rental package. The convenience of touring around the city with our very accessible location as well as our one of a kind fly fishing activity is what Skmuskar makes it on top of the line.

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Fly Fishing and tying

Fly fishing is one type of angling in which an artificial fly is used in catching fish just like on a dating app. The artificial fly made with hackle entangled with a hook and casts with a rod and reel, lure the fishes, as if it was a real insect on the surface of the water, unlike the spin or bait fishing, the weight of the lure makes casting distance. Fly fishing can be done both in fresh or salt water. Some of the most common fishes you may catch are salmon, trout, and carp.

Fly tying as its term may sound is not a typical procedure of tying the fly for your line but rather it is a term for creating your own fly instead of buying them. Fly tying is one cool activity also as you may apply your creativity and build your skills as this is also a form of art. The flies are created by using different materials such as hackes, feathers, beads, and foams. It is one good look in the eye as these flies will be made with very colorful feathers. Intricately beautiful – just like those found on HongKong attractions! Our staff, with years of expertise in fly tying, has a wide knowledge in making these beautiful crafts. We also are generous enough to share with you some instructional videos that will help you in creating your own flies along with some other videos of fly fishing as trying fly fishing for the first time may not that be easy, as it requires different ways of casting.

All these fly fishing and tying activities will be one fun and memorable activity if you will try it with us.